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    About Us and Services we provide

    About Us and Services we provide

    We help for growing your business
    Exquisite and More (E&M) is a multi national company and diverse enterprise specializing in business management and consultancy, human resource development and management. Exquisite & More Limited is open to help people find Jobs, enhance the growth of your business successfully and support sustainability at all levels of an enterprise.

    We are committed to meeting our customers’ needs and requirements. We are dedicated to continually improve the effectiveness of our Quality Management System, For all of those who need Jobs in United Kingdom (UK). We are proactive, reliable partners with our customers; their satisfaction is vital to our success.

    50 K
    30 Years
    70 K
    Project DoneHealth Care
    We are ready to alleviate shortage of health care personells in care homes, nursing homes, private hospitals and other residential settings. All our staff have been fully checked and registerd, enhanced DBS checked and insured for indemnity and public/employer liability.

    Why not try our service by giving us a call and one of our managers will discuss your rquirement.

    Procurement & Supply Chain Management
    Business Management & Consultancy
    At E& M we will provide your business enterprise with resources that will boost growth that are sustainable and reliable. We know that for every business to flourish, there is for effective management. We will equip you with both national and international knowledge and enrich you with diverse skill that are critical and analytical to the current business environment and practices.

    Project Management
    At Exquisite and More, we will support and enhance the projects that you are planning to establish or are already establish but are lagging behind on schedule. We will provide generous information in detail of how to successful manage your projects within the available resources​. SMART is what we do best to ensure success to completion.

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